Blackthorne Corporation

An Eve Online Industrial Corporation


Hello and Welcome to Black Thorne Corporation. We are a a multipurpose corp with experienced members specialising in many different activities.

We want every pilot who joins Black Thorne Corporation to have fun and stay with us for a long time, but if they decide to leave, we want them to be a better eve pilot then when they joined.

Our members are encouraged to work together and arrange projects amongst themselves using corp assets and capabilities. We are currently accepting applications from players in ALL time zones.

We welcome new and experienced players (Alpha Pilots included). New players will be given advice and assistance in the game.


Thank you for organizing events for new comers to get up to speed in this complex environment. Thanks for all the effort spent in thinking up ways to engage folks and build community. Thanks for the generous and straightforward “schemes” that allow all of us to earn ISK in a hassle-free way.

10 Ton

Having talked with these guys they seem pretty awesome. Lots of fun.

Drazi Crendraven

A well organised alliance and nice ppl to fly with that will teach you the ropes.


What You Get

A Mature Environment. We promote a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the game. We expect our members to be respectful to one another and understand real life come first.

Huge Blueprint Library. As a member you can enjoy the benefit of having access to our extensive BP library, which offers researched BPOs for various items.

PVP Fleets Regular alliance PVP fleets with experienced FCs and different types of fleets, defensive fleets, offence, just for fun. A great opportunity to learn.

Mission Fleets. We encourage our members to fly together. Anyone wanting help or advise, or indeed wanting to run fleets will be supported and encouraged.

Mining Fleets. We offer reprocessing services and regular mining nights. Any member wanting to run fleets will be supported and encouraged.

Help With Your Move. Don’t worry about transporting your stuff when you join. Our logistics pilots will move you for free.

Be Recognised. Anyone who has any ideas for developing the corp, or wants to set-up a program or initiative will be fully supported.

Corp Programs and Services

Buyback Programs – For Ore Ice Salvage and PI products. You don’t need to bother with selling your stuff on the market.

Logistics – Full logistics and JF services are provided to our members from Solitude to all the major hubs.

Out of Game Services – Discord, Forums, wiki, Auth service, everything to make your life easier.