Our corporation vision can be summed up in one phrase “Solitude means BTC”. 

We want to develop BTC so it is once again one of the premier corporations in solitude. We aim to build our member base to at least 100 active pilots and want to have the ability to offer our pilots the opportunity to experience every aspect of eve online (mining, pve, lowsec, nullsec, pvp) from within the corporation. Everything we do will have one focus in mind to be of benefit to our pilots and provide them with the most entertaining eve experience possible.

We will do this by being well organised, having a strong management team good communication and sound foundation. 

Our corporation structure is separated into divisions and we aim to grow each division and increase activities across the board. Our success will be driven by our pilots and those who want to be more involved with the running of BTC will be given the chance. BTC is a democratic corporation with leadership who listens, and we will have regular corporation meetings for feedback on what we are doing right as well as what we are doing wrong. 

We will also strategically align BTC with other solitude corporations / alliances to increase activities and opportunities for our pilots promoting joint operations and bolstering our capabilities.